Tektronix J16 Digital Photometer

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The Tektronix J16 is a portable digital photometer/radiometer capable of making a wide variety of light measurements- in the laboratory, in the field or on the production floor. A J16 system consists of a J16 mainframe and one of eight detachable probes. Probes can be either mounted on the J16 or used on the end of an extention cable. Recalibration is not neccesary when probes are interchanged. Connection of a probe to the J16 automatically selects the correct front panel units indicator. The 3 1/2 digit LED display can be easily read under low am-bient conditions. All probes use silicon photodiodes and multi-element glass filters for maximum stability and accuracy. Under normal usage, the rechargable nickel cadmium batteries will operate for 4 hours. An AC power supply is recommended for continuous operation. •Digital LED Readout •Eight silicon sensor probes quickly interchange without recalibration •Freedom from saturation effects over entire range •Accurate spectral and cosine corrections •BCD/Analog Output •AC or Internal rechargeable battery versions •Longer battery life - 4 hour operation
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